The Crazy Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

Family Portrait

Hi guys! We are still here exploring Ubud a little bit more. We were told that the monkey forest here was a must do. We decided to check it out with our new friends Dima and Kate. I was so excited to pet them and play with them. These guys look snuggly and cute. But, its all lies!  Okay…they are still cute, but are absolutely insane!

This little guy stole Alex’s cup as soon as we walked in. Literally ripped it out of his hands, poured the contents of mango juice on the ground, and walked away.  #bye #rude

From the minute we entered the monkey forest, they started grabbing at our cups, water bottles , and everything in site. They weren’t cute about it either. I guess I didn’t realize how aggressive they can be! Nevertheless, it was a super wild experience and a must do. Even after a baby monkey peed all over me, I still had a great time.

Alex feeding the monkey his 100th banana of the day.
Pre-being pissed on by a baby monkey.
“No breastfeeding in public mam.”
The look I give when someone tries to bully my baby sis.
Meet Kate. How perfect is this picture with her and the monkey?
Swinging in the monkey forest with my favorite monkey of them all. Look at these trees though.
Routine lice check.
Kissie Kissie
When you’re trying to look cute but the monkey keeps trying to still your bag. #savage
Jungle warrior
Pretending to not be suffering on this hike when Im really dying from the 99% humidity with the 90 degree weather.
Sculptures like this are seen all over Bali. So freakin cool.
Dima and Kate 🙂
So surreal looking.
The boys. (Alex and Dima)
Alex wondering where all the monkeys went.
Nighty night monkey forest

I hope you enjoyed the Monkey pics as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Talk to you soon!

Love, Nurse Vanessa

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