My Favorite Travel Backpack


Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

When we started planning our round-the-world trip, I did a lot of research to find the best travel carry-on backpack. The Osprey Farpoint-55 M/Liter TSA approved carry-on backpack turned out to be my personal favorite.While, I later decided to take a years worth of stuff in a carry-on travel suitcase , my decision had nothing to do with not liking the Osprey. It had more to do with my personal preference. If I have to minimize my belongings into one carry on, I am perfectly okay admitting I don’t want to carry it on my back the entire time. For the record, my carry-on suitcase fit the same amount of belongings I packed for our RTW trip as the Osprey.

What I love

For those of you don’t mind carrying the weight of your belongings on your back at pretty much all times during your travels, the carry on Osprey is the way to go. It offers high quality design, a variety of colors, durable crafts-man ship, versatility, and a 15-liter attachable backpack. It’s extremely comfortable on the shoulders with substantial padding; which is actually my favorite part in terms of the construction of the bag. The comfortable padding and hip clip helps distribute a significant amount of the weight to your hips, which your back will thank you for later. The attachable backpack has two separate compartments for water bottles or other miscellaneous belongings. Both pieces also offer a variety of zipper compartments which are nice for storing smaller and last minute items. Don’t be fooled, the Osprey holds a lot more than it looks! I also like that instead of opening from the top and having to dig to get an item or empty out the whole backpack, the osprey opens completely using the side zippers giving you a view and easy access to all of your items when you need them.

From left to right: Front of the 15-Liter attachable backpack. Back view of the main Osprey with shoulder and hip straps pictured.
Osprey Interior
15L- Attachable backpack (Attaches by zipping to outside of the main Osprey )

What I would Change

The smaller attachable backpack that comes with the Osprey is a bit small too small for my liking and is not very flexible in terms of being able to shove a lot of things into it. It does fits Alex’ 15 inch Macbook just fine but I feel that they could have made it much more roomier for the user. If you’re using this as your day pack for sight seeing and shopping; don’t plan on being able to fit a lot in it except for your necessary belongings and a small/medium size water bottle.

If you are interested in the Osprey Farpoint 55-M/L you can check it out here