My Favorite Carry-On Rolling Luggage

Travel Pro 1

The Travelpro Crew 10 21 inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

Front view of Travelpro.


When we decided on our round-the-world trip, it was a tough choice between choosing a travelers backpack and a carry-on rolling luggage. In the end, I chose the Travelpro Crew 10 21 inch Expandable Spinner Suiter carry-on rolling luggage for our RTW trip. It honestly came down to personal preference. I felt that I was still making a major sacrifice by not taking at least 1 huge check in suitcase like I was previously used to, especially with the potential to be gone for an entire year! The Travelpro still offers me the ability to keep my stuff on me at all times and transport pretty effortlessly.

Side view of the Travelpro. Although it does appear bulky, I haven’t had any issues with overhead compartments.
Travel Pro Open. 3 separate zippered compartments and straps for attachable garment bag pictured.
Travelpro Depth

What I love about the Travelpro Crew 10 21”  Expandable Spinner Suiter

I was able to fit the exact same amount of belongings in the Travelpro as the Osprey Farpoint 55 M/L travelers backpack, so it was a win win. I took the Travelpro, and Alex took the Osprey. The Travelpro has four wheels so you can transport it in any direction you need to go. The movement is so smooth and effortless. So far, its components have proven to be pretty durable which is important when you’re constantly on the go in your travels. It comes with a garment folder bag that is detachable, which makes a very nice addition in the case you need to keep your clothes a little fancier and wrinkle-free. While I have learned that it is is better to travel comfortably over stylish, the Travelpro offers both.

I will update you guys on how its holding up during my travels!

Check out the Travelpro here

Love, Nurse Vanessa


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