Accessory Kit for All Your Travels

Accessorie Kit 1

BUBM Cable, Phone, Charger Travel Organizer

Whether you’re traveling short term or long term, it’s important to have have an accessory kit for all of your cords, chargers, SD cards, travel adapters, and other gadgets. It makes your life a lot easier when you’re looking for these things in your carry-on, purse, or backpack. You don’t have a mess of cords falling out of your bags and you don’t have to look for them in multiple places. I never travel without my BUBM organizer.

BUBM front view

What I Love

The BUBM organizer keeps my cords organized in one place. I like that the structure is durable and flat, even when I am crowding a bunch of gadgets into it like my phone charger, travel mouse, my portable charger, headphones, etc. Another  plus is that the BUBM is made from nylon-waterproof material, protecting your items from water damage. There are two separate compartments. The first compartment holds your cords and includes a small mesh pocket on the bottom right.

The second compartment has a mesh pocket on the left side to place items you want to take out easily without unzipping. It’s partnering side has a larger size zip-up mesh pocket for items you might not necessarily need right away. The BUBM is relatively inexpensive for its value ranging from $13-$16 depending which color you purchase. If you try out the BUBM, let me know what you think!

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Love, Nurse Vanessa

Two sided Compartment
Second Compartment

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